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Jeremy Lin: “I can bend my knee now” ... “Recovery is very good”

JLin7 Foundation

In a Chinese language interview Wednesday morning on Weibo, the big Chinese social media platform, Jeremy Lin said that he can finally bend his right knee, a month after he ruptured his patellar tendon on Opening Night.

But he said he’s not yet ready to return to the Nets bench out of fear that a player could fall on his knee, still in a brace.

Interviewed alongside his brother and one-year-old nephew at his Brooklyn apartment, Lin spoke first about his injury.

“I’m getting well and can bend my knee now and I can walk normally. The recovery is very good. I wear the knee brace every day,” Lin said, getting up off his couch to demonstrate. “So going anywhere, either eating out or working out is very easy now.”

Lin spoke about his rehab as well.

Lin visited the Barclays Center court post-game Friday to talk to a youth group from Trinity Grace Church, a previously scheduled event, but said he’s not sure yet about when he’ll be able to return to the bench.

Later. Weibo posted a video of Lin working out at HSS Training Center.

Lin also spoke about what movies he’s been watching and he and his brother’s favorite hip hop artists.