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SCENES from a Supermarket ... Jarrett Allen’s Thanksgiving shopping

Bryan Fonseca/NetsDaily

The scenes have moved on from the practice courts to the supermarket.

At around 4:30 p.m., Jarrett Allen arrived in the Jackson Heights section of Queens, New York to help 25 middle schoolers from Elmcor Youth and Adult Activities Inc. go Thanksgiving shopping on a $70 budget.

Allen had the goal of helping the kids shop and do some math along the way, but even he had some assistance along the way from some of the 25 middle schoolers who joined him on the chilly Monday afternoon.

When Allen arrived, he was genuinely all smiles.

The kids were excited to see him too, all 6’11” of him, not to mention the Afro which may make him closer to 7’5.”

In any event, they gathered around to meet one another prior to splitting into groups. They had to guess Allen’s favorite Thanksgiving dish (we know the answer).

Allen also gave out some dope looking hats while greeting the kids. It’s almost winter time, so we might see more of these in the streets in the coming weeks.

One kid in particular was really excited to meet the Nets’ 2017 first round draft choice. Clearly, the feeling was mutual. This served for a great Thanksgiving season moment for Allen and the rest of the group.

Allen looked for a shopping cart shortly after, and it was on. He sought out greens and cheese first before stopping to do some interviews, including an exclusive with us.

A look at the Thanksgiving checklist, in which Allen added “collard greens.” How was it not there before? No one knows, but he added it himself, because it’s a staple in the Allen household.

Having some trouble, Allen sought out help finding dinner rolls.

And in search of adding his favorite mac and cheese dish, he settled on this, adding “I’m normally a white cheddar (mac and cheese) guy.”

Trust the process(ed)?

And while forming lines at checkout, Allen spent some more time talking to the kids, who couldn’t believe he was 19-years-old. No one in the supermarket did either.

No wonder the Nets are so excited, right?

Since Allen is about this life, regarding his desire of giving back to the community, it’ll be interesting to see what he has up his sleeve for Christmas, since he’s clearly a (young) man of the people.