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Scenes from a practice … November 13

On Monday, November 13, the Brooklyn Nets returned home and practiced for the first time since the conclusion of their five-game west coast road trip.

It was, what head coach Kenny Atkinson called, a very light practice, that included a healthy amount of film study, but a light practice in any event.

First, we begin with Jarrett Allen, who returned to practice on Monday, and may play on Tuesday against the Boston Celtics. He, of course, launches a touchdown pass with an actual football. Perhaps the same one D’Angelo Russell threw around after a practice last month…

Next we have Timfoey Mozgov going over some post work, while a game, featuring Sean Kilpatrick, Isaiah Whitehead, Tyler Zeller, and Allen, goes on in the background.

The same crew participated in a light but spirited full-court three-on-three moments later.

Kilpatrick also shot around with DeMarre Carroll in front of the (somewhat) screened- off view of Sunset Park.

And we have Zeller putting in some work finishing around the rim.