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Expect a bigger role for Quincy Acy

NBA: Brooklyn Nets-Media Day Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Could Quincy Acy potentially be another diamond in the rough for Sean Marks and the Brooklyn Nets this season?

Acy was brought up from the Texas Legends on a 10-day contract last January when the Nets decided to part ways with Anthony Bennett. Acy fit the script of what they wanted Bennett to be: a powerful stretch big with the ability to get scrappy.

Acy showed signs of improvement across his game during the rest of last season, but particularly shooting the three. He nailed 36 three-pointers on 83 attempts (43.4%) in 32 games. He had hit a total of 42 in four seasons prior. His game was already a coach’s dream, doing little things that don’t show up in the box score. Expanding his range brought his game to another level, especially in a wide-open three-point heavy offense.

It doesn’t hurt that he has a wellspring of athleticism, too, as shown on this play during Monday’s practice...

Now, it’s a matter of sustainability. Acy is versatile at his size and he’s committed to improvement from a team standpoint and individually. Some believe that Acy can fill a role similar to that of Trevor Booker ... only with a three-point shot. Again, it’s crucial in this offense. And Kenny Atkinson is very high on Acy.

“I want to become even more consistent with my shot, be a defensive leader while I’m on the floor and just do whatever it takes to win,” Acy told NetsDaily at Media Day. “I mean, my game is not gonna change too much. I’m not a guy that’s looking to add new facets to my game every year, but I wanna improve what I’m currently good at.”

Depending on how many minutes, he gets, Acy may be key to this Nets team on both sides of the ball. He’s expected to have a bigger role than last year. If the Nets go small, Acy is going to be manning the paint. He needs to assert himself on the defensive end and knock down that open three when they find him, which they will.

He also needs to be a leader for the second unit, particularly a group that will be very young. At 26-years-old, Acy is the fifth oldest player on the team. He needs to keep spirits high when times get tough. But he doesn’t believe that will be necessary. He thinks the Nets will compete night in and night out.

“I think everybody on this roster from top to bottom has a chip on their shoulder,” Acy said. “Everybody has something to prove for many different reasons. I think we got a great group of guys with a lot to prove and that’s going to make us competitive.

“We’re gonna compete. You’re not going to come in here and get an easy win. You’re gonna have to work and you know what, I think we can compete with anyone you put us on the floor with.”

Well, that’s the motto or rather a line of them: Brooklyn Grit. Chip on shoulder. No easy wins. If there’s anything we’ve learned about this group from last season and this offseason, it’s that most every game will be a dogfight.

That’s the culture Kenny Atkinson is pushing. Hard work and grit. Guys like Quincy Acy fit the script and have helped set the model for the organization going forward. And that’s exactly what he will tell you about the effort in his game.

“It’s all about heart. All about heart.”