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Allen Crabbe will thrive if Nets play within the system

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Brooklyn Nets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Safe to say, Allen Crabbe is not getting paid $19.3 million a year to take two shots per game.

He finished second in the league for three-point percentage (44%). Through six games, he’s had three solid games in double digits. In the other three games, he’s taken a total of 18 shots, two against the Knicks in a blowout defeat on Wednesday.

Head coach Kenny Atkinson isn’t concerned by any means and feels that in order for Crabbe to play better, the Nets will need to come together as a whole.

“The way we play, the team has to play well. Everything has to work together. We’re not a ‘let’s give it to Allen [Crabbe] and clear out and let him go one-on-one,’” Atkinson said. “It’s a team concept. That means everything has to be in sync, we have to run to our spots, screen better, cut better. So I think if the team works, he’s going to work better.”

Sometimes a shooter’s biggest weapon is being a decoy in some games ... depending on how the defense plays you.

“With that being said, teams are going to pay an enormous amount of attention to him because of the shooter he is. Hopefully if they are paying that much attention that opens up other guys.”

He compared the situation to Kyle Korver, who he coached in Atlanta.

“That’s the value we had with [Kyle] Korver in Atlanta, that’s the value of having Allen Crabbe because they have to pay so much attention to him. You would hope there are driving lanes are open. You would hope pick and rolls are more open for our ball handlers because they’re hooked up with him. Some nights you have to be that decoy.”

Individual numbers shouldn’t matter as much if it’s team-oriented basketball. However, it’s very common for players like Allen Crabbe to be inconsistent.

It’s on the players and coaches to find ways to get their best three-point shooter the ball.