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Huge if true: Michael Rapaport shows up at Barclays sporting black-and-white

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Brian Lewis/New York Post

Michael Rapaport, the comedian and actor, has left little to the imagination in his comments on James Dolan, owner of the wayward New York Knicks. In his latest book, he said of Dolan, “Take your s–t blues band and beat it, you spoiled little rich pr–k. And do yourself a favor and shave that funky-ass beard. You look ridiculous.’’

He’s also said he would boycott Madison Square Garden until Knick “icon” Charles Oakley is left back in the building. Dolan had Oakley arrested last season and suggested he might have an alcoholism problem. Dolan banned him from the arena and Oakley is suing the Knicks for defamation.

But on Friday, Rapaport went further, showing up at courtside in Brooklyn adorned in black-and-white, including a D’Angelo Russell jersey. Rapaport has apparently made the break.

When Brian Lewis caught up with him Friday night, Rapaport didn’t quite say he had switch allegiances, but he came real close. He wouldn’t describe himself as a Knick fan, but simply, “a basketball fan.”

“The Nets, I’ve been out here before. I’m glad to be here, glad to see the Brooklyn Nets doing good,” Rapaport told the Post. “I like Russell, too.”

What’s not to like? Hard to fault him there.

Barclays Center welcomed Rapaport, showing him on the big screen (to wild cheering) and on Twitter.

Should we expect more defections from the Good Ship Dolan in the next several months? Wouldn’t be surprised.