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National anthem singer takes knee at Nets opener

Pop Sugar

Justine Skye, the national anthem singer at the Nets’ home opener, took a knee in protest at the end of her performance Friday night.

Skye was nearing the completion of the song Friday night when she went to one knee for the finish. There were some cheers, but appeared to be more boos from the crowd at Barclays Center to see the Nets play the Magic.

Skye, a R&B artist from Brooklyn, posted a video of the scene on her Instagram account later Friday.

She explained her motivation for joining in the movement to protest racial injustice in America. The 22-year-old Brooklynite said she felt obligated to act despite the potential consequences.

Her comment on Instagram read...

“Got a bit shaky at the end.. was pretty uneasy about singing the anthem and probably won’t ever be invited to sing it again but I had to take a knee for the opening game in my city and let my voice be heard,” Skye wrote. “We will not be silenced. #blacklivesmatter”

The Nets did not protest during the anthem. A team spokeswoman said the team recognized that Skye had “kneeled briefly” but had not been aware “that she was going to do so,” reports ABC News.