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Sean Marks on Jeremy Lin: ‘We’re expecting him to be back on the court this time next year’

NBA: Preseason-Miami Heat at Brooklyn Nets Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Sean Marks spoke to reporters prior to Friday night’s season home opener against the Orlando Magic, where he discussed Jeremy Lin’s injury and how it affects the team moving forward.

“He’s a role model for our guys,” Marks said of Lin. “Obviously the player maker he is to us on the court and I think also the things we see behind the scenes.”

Marks also spoke of the need for multiple players to step up in Lin’s absence, noting that this doesn’t solely fall on D’Angelo Russell.

“I think the responsibility falls on a lot of guys,” he told reporters. “I'm not just going to lump it right on D'Angelo [Russell]. Obviously that kind of goes without saying, that’s kind of the territory, but again I think this is a great opportunity for a lot of guys to seize the moment. Whether it's more minutes - or however it comes - but we'll be creative and we'll try to figure it all out.”

He also wouldn’t grant a timetable for his return - no, they won’t push it this year - but he did say that he expects a full recovery and expects to see Jeremy Lin back on the basketball court “this time next year.”

Marks, however, didn’t rule out the team applying for the Disabled Player Exception. “We’re looking at all kinds of options here,” he said. “That’s one tool we potentially have.” This would allow the Nets a $6 million exception, should they apply and should the NBA grant it.

Listen to the full audio below: