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Spencer Dinwiddie contract guaranteed; Nets roster at 15

Brooklyn Nets v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Nets have committed to a new development project.

Spencer Dinwiddie, signed a month ago to a partially guaranteed deal initially worth $100,000, survived Saturday’s contract deadline. Dinwiddie, a 6’6” point guard, could have been cut but instead the Nets decided to keep him, guaranteeing his $726,000 contract for the rest of the season.

As Brian Lewis tweeted...

In 12 games since being called up from the Windy City Bulls, Dinwiddie has averaged 5.5 points on 51.1 percent shooting overall and 25 percent from deep. He’s been remarkably inconsistent with three games of 13 or more points, but also a scoreless game.

In the Nets blowout loss to Cleveland two days before Christmas, he shot 6-of-7, including 1-of-1 from deep, ending the game with 13 points. He also tallied three assists and three rebounds in 21 minutes.

In the last three games, the 23-year-old Colorado product has done better. He averaged 9.0 points and shot 56.3 percent. He started Friday’s game vs. Cleveland but left early after being called for three personals in the first six minutes of the game. He finished with seven points, five rebounds and two assists in 18 minutes.

“One thing we have liked is his defense,” Kenny Atkinson said this week. “We like his length, his versatility. I think he’s helped our defense.”

In an Instagram post, Dinwiddie thanked the Nets organization for their confidence in him...

Dinwiddie’s three-year contract has multiple trigger dates and team options. The next date comes in July. The contract, according to Basketball Insiders, calls for him to participate in the summer league and the organization’s off-season conditioning program. He receives $50,000 in the summer and if he makes the final roster, he’ll pick up another $250,000. A year from now and two years from now, the Nets will again have the right to terminate his deal.

The Nets roster stands at 15, all with guaranteed contracts.