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Is there hope or are Nets just hoping?

Brooklyn Nets vs Utah Jazz Photo by Volkan Furuncu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Zach Braziller of the Post writes Wednesday that the Nets think they’re ready to turn the corner on their season, despite the record, worst in the league; their defense, worst in the league and road record, worst in the league. Not to mention their injuries.

“Our record speaks for itself. It’s not going to stop what we’re trying to do, and that’s getting better every day,” Sean Kilpatrick said after practice Tuesday. “That’s something our young guys really take heed of. We don’t pay that stuff no mind. We come in, we just get better.”

What is giving the Nets (some) hope is their performance against the Rockets, Bulls and Jazz, all contenders but all losses. And are you just cherry-picking highlights (medium lights) when staring you in the face are losses like the one to Wizards where there were reports of bickering among teammates.

“If I look at [Monday] night’s game, how hard we played, I was very pleased with the effort, and the defensive effort, our engagement,” Atkinson said. “I thought it was at a high level. You get feedback from people, and that’s the feedback we’re getting.

“It’s frustrating because we’re not getting over the hump. We just have to trust if we keep pounding that rock, keep pounding at the door, that eventually there’s going to be a breakthrough. I’m happy with the process and I feel the spirit of the team [is good].”

True as far as it goes. After the Jazz game, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson pointedly noted that he wasn’t in the game when the Jazz began their comeback and said he wished he could have given Joe Johnson some trouble on his dagger, but added he was on the bench.

The Nets have a long way to go: 49 games to be exact and one would think they’ll have to show some improvement between now and April 12 if they want to attract free agents. Back-to-back 20-win seasons isn’t something you market.