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Nets make it official: Sign Quincy Acy to two-year deal

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets made it official Monday, signing Quincy Acy to a two-year deal, with only the rest of this season fully guaranteed. According to Bobby Marks of The Vertical, Acy will earn the vets minimum.

As Marks noted Sunday, the deal barely affects the Nets salary cap numbers. Brooklyn currently has $17.2 million in cap space this season and are $7.76 million below the salary cap floor. If the Nets are still below the cap floor at the end of the regular season, the team will have to distribute the difference evenly to the players on this year’s roster.

Acy expressed his gratitude to the Nets in a pre-game interview with Sarah Kustok.

Acy did not play in Monday’s night’s game vs. the Heat, only the second time he hasn’t put in minutes since signing his first 10 day deal three weeks ago. In 10 games with the Nets, Acy has averaged 7.0 points and 2.7 rebounds in 12.0 minutes per game, shooting 57.5 percent (23-of-40) from the field and 64.7 percent (11-of-17) from three-point range.