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Even with Hawks help, Long Island loses to Delaware again

Long Island Nets

Over the last several days, the Atlanta Hawks sent two of their own, Mike Scott and Taurean Prince, to Long Island (meaning Brooklyn) under the D-League’s flex assignment rule. It permits teams without D-League affiliates to place their young (or rehabbing) players with teams that do.

It should be a win-win situation. The Hawks get playing time for their guys and the Nets get help for their Long Island club. Moreover, as Bobby Marks tweeted, there is a long-term benefit.

And, of course, the players who practice at HSS Training Center and play at Barclays get a look at the Nets facilities and culture. It’s a little thing, but it can help.

It didn’t quite work out on the court Monday afternoon, however. Long Island lost to Delaware’s 87ers, the 76ers affiliate, 109-106, at Barclays. The game was not open to the public. The 87ers beat the Nets last week as well.

The 6’7” Prince, the 12th pick in last June’s draft, finished with 27 points and 14 rebounds for Long Island, while Scott, a 28-year-old power forward on his second injury rehab tour to Long Island, totaled 18 points and seven rebounds. Chris McCullough, who didn’t the touches he had during his stint with Long Island, scored 10 points and grabbed seven rebounds. McCullough took 12 shots, Prince and Scott 20 each. Similarly, Trahson Burrell had only five points on nine shots.

Yogi Ferrell finished with 18 points along with eight rebounds, six assists and five steals before fouling out with 14 seconds left. Donnie McGrath, the Long Island club’s veteran point guard, didn’t play although 6’10” Egidijus Mockevicius finally returned from a shoulder injury, playing three minutes. The Nets are as healthy as they’ve been all season.

The game was close, but the 87ers finally broke it open enough to win, taking the lead with 3:02 left.

Full-game video can be found here.