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Woj: Players, agents noticing Nets culture

sean marks casual San Antonio Spurs

In a rant against the latest Knicks Melodrama (pun intended), Adrian Wojnarowski compared the Manhattan chaos with Brooklyn culture.

Appearing on Boomer and Carton Friday, Woj said players and their agents are recognizing what’s going on with the Nets and compared it with the Knicks.

“I talk to players around the league, agents, people. They like what's in Brooklyn to send their guys to in the future. The coaching, the organization, everything around it. The Knicks still don't have that. And it gets back to this: Whether Donnie Walsh is GM, who did a tremendous job, or whether it's Phil Jackson, it will always be James Dolan's culture there.”

While slamming Dolan as the “constant” in the Knicks “chaos,” Woj also ripped Jackson, now in his third season as GM.

“That's what's been the constant, that the level of chaos that's gone on there, the constant's been the owner. So you're back to, again, Phil Jackson with Jeff Hornack 'Well I want you to run the triangle’ or 'You've got to keep Kurt Rambis who I really wanted as the head coach. He's got to be your defensive coordinator.’”

Woj also noted that the Knicks do have Kristaps Porzingis (and all their own first round picks through 2023) but that they seem to screwing that up as well, not giving the 7’3” sophomore as much attention as they should.