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Quincy Acy hopes to get deal with Nets, but if not, no regrets

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Quincy Acy’s second 10-day contract with the Nets is up this weekend and that means Sean Marks will have to decide whether to keep him for the rest of the season ... or let him go. Under league rules, the Nets don’t even have to announce it ... 10-day players don’t get waived. Their contract simply ends.

Acy’s chances look good. He has played well in limited minutes, certainly better than Anthony Bennett who he replaced. In eight games, he’s averaging 7.3 points in only 10.6 minutes per game, shooting 60 percent overall and a startling 64.3 percent (9-of-14) from three. He’s averaging 2.5 rebounds as well.

“At this time, I'm taking it day by day. I'm trying to control what I can control,” the 6’7” power forward told Mike Scotto of Basketball Insiders. “Hopefully, I've done enough to get their approval. I know I won't have any regrets when that day comes.

“If they sign me, that’s what I want. If they don't, its another chapter, another journey for me.”

The big surprise, of course, is Acy’s three point shooting. The Nets are not afraid to let him go for it beyond the arc. Acy credits his time in the D-League with the Texas Legends, where he shot close to 40 percent before being called up.

“When I got a chance to go down to the D-League, it gave me a chance to get game reps, get my shot up,” he told Scotto. “It's something “ never really had a chance to do. Getting those reps really helped me out, build my confidence to help me knock my shots down.”

Acy also said he’s grateful to Brooklyn, which he called “a great organization.”

“It’s a blessing just to be here. It’s part of my journey that I’ve been through. Coming in, trying to look for a home. Brooklyn has taken me in with open arms and I'm just trying to work every day that Ive been here. Brooklyn is a great organization. Great guys and I'm happy to be here.”

If Acy does get signed, he’s likely to get the same kind of deal Marks gave two other D-League call-ups, the rest of this year with a team option next year, both at vets’ minimum. In other words, a minimal risk.

For a 26-year-old who’s played for five teams in five years, it would be, as he noted, a blessing.