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The frustration of Jeremy Lin: "a year of my prime down the drain"

The announcement was straightforward. Jeremy Lin would miss another three to five weeks of play after re-aggravating his left hamstring while going through basketball drills. It was the third such injury and insured that Lin's first year in Brooklyn would be a bust. He will miss more than half the season when all the games are totaled up.

In the days since, Lin seems increasingly frustrated ... if resolute in getting back on the court. He's not blaming anyone but in social media postings, in his prayer email and at events like the one he had a Tuesday ago at the NBA Store to celebrate Chinese New Years, Lin has expressed a range of emotions beyond simple letdown.

At the NBA Store event, he told his Chinese speaking fans, "I hope to be back on court soon ... When I got injured, I was quite upset."

In a lengthy --and emotional-- Facebook posting after the announcement Monday, he was more down, calling this season "a year of my prime down the drain."

"I have all the natural emotions that comes with an injury. Some moments I feel super motivated. Some moments I feel defeated. Some moments I want to yell at God in frustration. Why now? Why not when I was a backup point guard the last 4 years? All the hard work I put into training, developing a new shot, regaining my confidence, having my desired role, the right coach and the right system. A year of my prime down the drain. These are the natural thoughts that float into my mind, get kicked out, and float back in."

Also on Monday, he sent out one of his prayer emails to followers and asked for God's help with his hamstring woes...

"Please pray for my hamstring rehab. I've had a roller coaster of emotions that have ranged from determination to discouragement to optimism to defeat to anger to confusion. I'm hoping to be joyful and grateful in the rehab process."

Lin asked as well for prayers for the team that "we would be able to get on the court and turn things around as well as see Jesus fill out locker room."

At no point does Lin blame anyone in the organization. He is clear on that. And Sean Marks has said he has not been disappointed with the performance team, telling reporters...

"(The Performance Team) has done a terrific job. Not only Jeremy, but through the whole summer, preseason, and during the season, managing guys. You look at a guy like Caris (LeVert), that’s been out two college seasons. Now all of a sudden, he’s back and healthy and playing well. We’ve got numerous examples of how these guys have put their blood, sweat and tears into our guys."

Lin is who he is: a tough and motivated player. On his return, he's likely to be as upbeat as he had been prior to the injury ... and throughout his career. But for now, he like any athlete is dealing with not just the physical aspects of injury, but the mental.

But not everyone thinks he's in pain. Page Six, the gossip page of the New York Post, reports "A spy tells us the 6-foot-3 Lin was having a blast at hip 14th Street hot spot Up&Down. A witness said, "He looked in high spirits."