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Lin or No Lin, show will go on, says Taiwan Culture Night organizer

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Borcheng Hsu is one of the organizers of Taiwan Culture Night Sunday at Barclays Center. It was set up to honor Taiwan’s most famous hoopster, Jeremy Lin. He’s excited about the event.

As NBC News reports, there will be 10,000 Lin bobble-heads given out. Santaizi dancers — performers dressed in colorful head-to-toe costumes of various gods and deities — and Taiwanese rapper Dwagie, who has collaborated with both Nas and the Dalai Lama.

But what about the star of the evening.

"Of course, we'd like to see him play," Hsu, vice president of the Taiwanese American Council of Greater New York, the event's non-profit sponsor, told NBC. "If there are some health reasons why he cannot play, we totally understand that."

He added, "We still are here and we want to support him."

No official word yet on Lin’s availability, but it seems unlikely. He said this week he thought he’d be back in a week or two. Clearing him for Sunday’s game vs. Houston doesn’t look good.

No doubt he will make an appearance in some form. There are expected to be more than a thousand Taiwanese and Taiwanese-Americans on hand.

"Even if just from his mouth he says, 'Welcome to Taiwanese Culture Night from the Nets,' that would mean a lot to the people who bought the tickets to come and to support the team and support him," Hsu said.

As has happened before during Lin’s career, Kenda, the big Taiwanese tire maker, will play a big role in the event. Kenda is a Nets sponsor as are a couple of other Taiwanese companies.

"We know that Taiwan is less well known internationally," he said. "So we want to get [as many] opportunities as possible to let more people know that there is Taiwan."

Hopefully, there is a Jeremy Lin as well.