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Zach Lowe: High on CLV, RHJ

Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

if you're looking for a tonic after last night’s loss (and the seven before that), Zach Lowe has it: a look at the Nets’ swing man duo of Caris LeVert and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, both 22, both 6’7”, and both big parts of the Nets future — although Lowe says (and NetsDaily can confirm), the Nets will listen to offers for RHJ.

Here’s his take on ESPN From his weekly 10 Things I Like and Don’t Like....

Look: I realize you're not going to watch the Nets. Given the options on League Pass every night, you probably shouldn't. They have the worst record in the league. Even hard-core fans haven't heard of half their players. They are still years, plural, from digging out of the Boston trade disaster.

But in Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Caris LeVert, the Nets have two versatile kiddos flashing more playmaking chops than anyone expected at this point. That is the value of tossing young guys into a free-flowing system where everyone is allowed to attack scrambling defenses off the bounce. Players get to test their limits, and in some cases, discover they can do things at the NBA level that were supposedly closed off to them.

The Nets are almost fun when they throw LeVert and Hollis-Jefferson out there together, usually at the two forward spots, and let them explore.

They can both switch across at least three positions on defense, and Kenny Atkinson, Brooklyn's coach, has used both at power forward. They even unleash Hollis-Jefferson as a skinny, pointy-elbowed pick-and-roll dive man when Justin Hamilton spaces the floor as the nominal center.

LeVert is the more enticing prospect. He's bigger, with a smoother handle and jumper. Hollis-Jefferson's shot is still busted, and all indications are the Nets will listen when teams call about him, league sources say. But he's a tenacious defender who is better than you think at weirdo herky-jerky drives on offense.

As for Hollis-Jefferson’s availability, it all has to do with shot (or lack of same) and his confidence (or lack of same) in it. The Nets understand in “today’s NBA,” a shooting guard or small forward who can't put up numbers can be a liability but they also understand that he does a lot of other things coaches like.