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Jeremy Lin tells Chinese TV he “hopes” to be back “within one, a couple of weeks’’

Brooklyn Nets

CCTV5, the Chinese version of ESPN, has the scoop (as reported by the New York Post)...

“It’s OK. It’s progressing gradually,” said Lin. “I think the recovery is faster than last time.

“It’s hard to judge. Hope to come back playing within one, a couple of weeks,’’ said Lin. “But I’m not sure.”

Lin spoke to CCTV5 earlier this week at the HSS Training Center and the video, with English subtitles, was broadcast Thursday.

And although the Nets have not discussed progress, Lin did.

“We have different tests every day. So those include evaluating my muscle strength, getting an X-ray, MRI (exam),’’ said Lin. The Post reported that Lin talked about how he carries an instrument that records data on his injury and progress. He said the performance team will base his return more on empirical date than how he his feeling.

He noted his frustration as well.

“If it depended on my feeling, now I (would be playing),” Lin said.

The Nets have declined to give much of an update on his injury, angering fans. Even after the CCTV report, the Nets did not relent.

This is Lin’s second hamstring issue. The first, which arose in the Nets fifth game (when they had a record of 2-3.) He returned after missing 17 games. Then, on December 26, after playing six out of seven games, Lin hurt his hamstring again and has had to sit another seven games.

So far, he’s played 12 of 37 games, starting nine. He’s averaged 13.9 points a game. On Sunday, Jeremy Lin Bobble Head Night, the Nets will give out Lin dolls to the first 10,000 fans. Lin, it appears, will not be playing.