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Chis McCullough, Isaiah Whitehead talk about Nets' “new vibe”

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It’s that time of year, when players —and coaches and staff— feel things will go their way when the season opens in a month. It’s particularly prevalent among the young, who some might say don’t know any better.

But Chris McCullough and Isaiah Whitehead, admittedly young at age 21, think what’s happening at the HSS Training Center is authentic, that there are good reasons to be optimistic, starting with the work ethic.

"I just feel like we have a different vibe this year. All the coaches, players, everybody is coming in working hard,’’ McCullough told The Post’s Brian Lewis on Wednesday. "Everybody is in the gym, and staying in the gym. This is a different feel, a different vibe."

McCullough and Whitehead at MCU

The two native New Yorkers, the first to play for Brooklyn, were at MCU Park in Coney Island to give back, handing out backpacks filled with school supplies to local kids.

Whitehead, who’s in his rookie year, can’t compare this year to last but likes what he sees.

"I just see the way that we work every day, just how much better we want to get and how much time we put in to actually get a good team,’’ Whitehead said. "I really have confidence in our team because I see how much we work every day."

As for their efforts with the kids, the two had a sense of pride and accomplishment.

It’s always great to give back. I’m from Coney Island,’’ said Whitehead, who first talked about the idea for the giveaway when he threw out the first pitch at a Brooklyn Cyclones game recently. "Just giving them supplies for school or whatever so they don’t have to pay their money, that’s the key goal."