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Brook and Robin Lopez rectify an injustice from "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away"

Robin Lopez

As any Star War aficionado knows, one of the great mysteries of the original Star Wars trilogy was why didn't Chewbacca get his medal of bravery at the end of "A New Hope?"

As one film blog put it...

It’s a question that’s haunted Star Wars fans for almost four decades now: why the hell doesn’t Chewbacca get a medal at the end of A New Hope? Luke gets one, and Han gets one, but Chewie, despite having been present for just as much of the action, gets overlooked. Did the medal store run out? Does Chewie have a principled stance against trophy culture? Is Leia secretly an anti-Wookiee racist?

Well, Brook Lopez and his brother Robin have rectified this injustice at DisneyLand (where else unless it's one of the various other Disney lands and worlds the brothers inhabit in the off-season).

They met up with Peter Mayhew, a fellow seven-footer who played Chewie across the galaxies and decades, and presented him (and themselves of course) with said medal. Then Robin tweeted it out.

No doubt Brook had some ulterior motives. Back in 2014, he publicly stated his desire to succeed Mayhew as Chewie. Now, maybe he'll get Mayhew's support.  One big hand washes the other, you know.

So there you have it.  Well, not quite.  We wouldn't be the comprehensive source of Nets news we advertise ourselves to be without also reporting on Brook's adventures at the newest Disney resort (or is it Land or World?) in Shanghai.  "A once in a lifetime experience."

It's all here and more, thanks to the Nets official site.