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Nets announce TV preseason schedule

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Jim Spanarkel and Ryan Ruocco of YES

The YES Network has announced that it will be airing two of the Nets’ six preseason games on its network, starting with the October 6 game against the Detroit Pistons, and then later, the October 13 game against the Boston Celtics.

Locally, fans will also be able to watch the two games against the New York Knicks on the MSG Network, on October 8th and 20th.

They won’t, however, be able to watch the October 11th game against the Miami Heat, on the road, and the October 17th game against the Celtics, in Boston.

Also, of note, the 900,000 households, or so, with Comcast Cable, who mostly live in New Jersey and areas of Connecticut, will not be able to watch any Nets games on the YES Network, as the two companies still haven’t reached an agreement.

All of the Nets 82 regular season games will be televised on YES Network this season.