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Lopez: Brook-Lin already a natural fit

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In a Facebook Video conversation at Nets practice Wednesday, Brook Lopez was asked by Chris Carrino if he he had found a "natural fit" working together. Lopez, the Brook in Brook-Lin, didn't take a second to respond.

"No question, no question. Jeremy is such a smart player, such a high Basketball IQ, that it's easy to communicate with him. He picks up stuff very quickly. He's figured out my game already. I mean he's seen my game from playing against me. But just being on the court, playing together

"We've grown immensely already. And he's just so great coming off the pick-and-roll and attacking, getting in the paint, finding opportunity in that way. We're absolutely building a great relationship. We've known each other previously but on the court for this short period we have been together, we've already grown comfortable together."

Lopez and Lin were high school rivals both in high school in Northern California and in college, with Lopez at Stanford and Lin at Harvard (which Tim Capstraw described as "two of my safety schools," eliciting a big laugh from Lopez.) Lopez had spoken about the potential before arrived from California earlier this month, but this was the first time he's discussed how things are going.

As he had in the past, Lopez spoke as well about the team's "new culture, new identity" and how players are reacting well to the performance aspect of Sean Marks rebuilding plan.

Capstraw and Lopez talked as well about the team's other big man, Justin Hamilton, who the Nets picked up from the Spanish League to little fanfare.

"I really think this is one of the underrated sleepers in the league right now, or a guy who's going to have a good year this year," Capstraw said of the 26-year-old seven-footer.

"Solid." Lopez responded, to which Capstraw added, "I think he's really solid. I think he was a really good pick-up by the Nets."