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Power Rankings: Nets start at the bottom

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brooklyn nets jeremy lin Brooklyn Nets

Couldn’t they at least wait till after the weekend?

Mondays are when weekly power rankings come out. But ESPN jumped the gun and released their pre-season rank on Friday.

There were no surprises for Nets fans.

ESPN’s Marc Stein places Brooklyn dead last in his training camp rankings, with a couple of nods to the new Nets: 1) Sean Marks is “affable” as well as “measured” and 2) Jeremy Lin is “underrated.” Here ya go...

All of the wise, measured moves we've seen from Sean Marks since the affable Kiwi assumed control of Brooklyn's front office can't change the reality that the Nets, until they prove otherwise, look like the weakest team in the league's weakest division. As much as we'd love to give bonus points for our fond memories of Olympic chats with new Net Luis Scola, or our longstanding belief that Jeremy Lin is underrated, we can't.

For the record, Stein ranks Cleveland No. 1. As for the Atlantic Division, he has Toronto at No. 5; Boston at No. 6; New York at No. 21 and Philadelphia just above the Nets at No. 29. Next power rankings come after the pre-season.