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Jeremy Lin and the Science of Shooting

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Charlotte Hornets v Houston Rockets Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Can turning Jeremy Lin into a starter help his shooting? “Doc” Scheppler, his longtime personal shooting coach, thinks so.

As he told reporter Nathan Gottlieb, writing for

“He’ll have a higher shooting percentage because after he takes his warm-ups an hour and half before the game, and does his regular pregame shooting twenty minutes before tip-off, he won’t have to sit on the bench and get cold before he goes into the game. The fact that he’s a starter and is always warmed up will help his percentage by itself.”

That’s one of several insights Scheppler shared with Gottlieb, a former Star-Ledger sports writer. Scheppler, a legendary high school coach in the Bay Area, thinks that Lin’s drop in shooting percentage last season can be attributed to what could be called overthinking ... and failure to follow through on some coaching suggestions.

“Last season he wasn’t applying the tweaks. He didn’t have reinforcement from anyone on his tweaks, and when you don’t, players tend to revert to what they were doing before. Last year when he shot he was hoping it went in instead of knowing it was going to go in.”

Scheppler is one of three shooting coaches Lin is likely to be getting suggestions from. He also works with David Nurse, who worked with the Nets last season, and Adam Harrington, who was Kevin Durant’s “shooting specialist” in OKC and is now director of player development in Brooklyn.

What did Scheppler and Lin focus on this summer in Northern California.

“This summer we re-calibrated the timing of his release from a 1 ½ or 2 motion jumper to a 1 count shot. We were doing a lot of reinforcement with a lot of reps so the motion became more a part of him. We also helped his release get faster by not bringing the ball up as high. We worked on shooting the ball from his eyebrows like Curry does.”

Scheppler also revealed what he knows about whether Lin drinks soup and has his own prediction on how Lin will do this season with the Nets.