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Kenny Atkinson gets rated

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Kenny Atkinson HSS Brooklyn Nets

We are days away from training camp and with the ratings of teams and players having been exhausted, it’s now time to rate the head coaches.

Bleacher Report and Fansided’s Sir Charles in Charge have ratings out this weekend and rookie coach Kenny Atkinson is 27th in one, 18th in the other.

Bleacher Report puts Atkinson above Nate McMillan of the Pacers, Earl Watson of the Suns and, strangely, Luke Walton of the Lakers. Here’s how they view Atkinson’s offense...

If Atkinson's summer-league approach is any indication, the Nets will borrow offensive elements from the San Antonio Spurs and Hawks while playing with the pace of a team coached by D'Antoni's second cousin—fast but not fantastically fast. And with Jeremy Lin piloting the offense, that suits them.

Dan Favale of B/R thinks that the Nets “win-later” approach should help Atkinson “forge his courtside identity.”

Fansided has a different, more optimistic view of Atkinson’s possibilities, putting him near the middle of their rankings, mainly based on his legacy. Michael Saenz writes.

You may not know the name Kenny Atkinson yet, but there’s a good chance you will by the end of the season. Perhaps not because the Brooklyn Nets will be the surprise of the NBA, but because of the job that he will do in Brooklyn.

During the last four years, prior to getting hired by the Nets, Atkinson was the assistant coach for the Atlanta Hawks, learning under Mike Budenholzer. That’s not a bad place to be, considering that Budenholzer learned under Gregg Popovich.

It will be a while before there’s any worthwhile assessment of Atkinson’s skills as an x’s and o’s guy. His player development skills are widely known and appreciated. We shall see.