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Another whacky milestone for Brook Lopez

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It's called a game of telephone booth. Not one we've heard of before, but then we sometimes think we've been too sheltered, too cloistered. In the game, the contestants standing in a telephone booth (rememeber them?) try to answer a series of questions. Each wrong answer and your booth gets more and more crowded by guests who join you inside.

This being the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the contestants were Jimmy and his big guest for the evening, Miley Cyrus. And the guests were a collection of oddly shaped and just odd people. A zookeeper with a tarantula, a champion mustache grower, a body builder extraordinaire, a Time Square Elmo, an ET impersonator and, of course, Brook Lopez. And this being the Nets, Brook was all neated out in a new "Brooklyn Remix" uniform.

Brook, always a good sport, was the first guest to enter Jimmy's booth (although he said he would have preferred joining Miley, even with the tarantula.) The low point for Brook was when Jimmy, a Nets fan, asked him to provide an answer and despite his Stanford education, failed.

As they say, Enjoy