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Luis Scola: Manu Ginobili recommended Sean Marks to me

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Brooklyn Nets

Luis Scola is ready to continue his career in Brooklyn for a lot of reasons, but one stood out in his interview with Cory Wright, the Nets in-house beat writer. Sean Marks.

"Sean played a lot of years with the Spurs. Manu [Ginobili] is a close friend of mine and Manu was very close with Sean, too. We talked about him a lot and the way he developed his front office career, you can easily see that he knows what he’s doing. He’s trying to bring the Spurs mentality to this building. I think he has a bright future ahead of him."

Ginobili and Scola of course were teammates on the Argentine national team. Scola also said there were other connections that made him feel comfortable, both on the team and in the front office....

"I played many years against Trajan Langdon in Europe. He’s a highly respected basketball personality all around the world. I think he can bring a good mixture between NBA, Europe and international basketball and that’s good for the team."

Scola discussed his role with the club, both on the court and in the locker room...

"We’re young and we’ll need people to do the right thing, say the right things and behave the right way. That’s contagious and that’s important to create a winning atmosphere. You have to have those things. The older guys on the team will have to bring that, no question, but I know I can help on the court, too. My role will be twofold, leadership off the court -- in the locker room, in practice --  but also on the court."

Wright did not say where he interviewed Scola.