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Jeremy Lin to appear in Hulk comic series

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It’s only fair that after we did Brook Lopez auditioning for the role of Chewbacca in Star Wars that we devote attention to Jeremy Lin’s upcoming role in the Hulk comic book series. (Can this season start already ... please?)

amNY, the (James Dolan-owned) giveaway tabloid, reports that Lin will appear in Marvel’s "Totally Awesome Hulk" comic book series. The idea sprung from the minds of two devoted Linsanity fans, Greg Pak and Bernard Chang.

Here's what the cover will look like...

"I was here in New York when Linsanity happened and it never stopped for me," said Pak, who will be writing the issue. I followed him everywhere., I just love the guy. And at a certain point, I just found myself thinking, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if the biggest Asian-American superhero met the biggest Asian-American sports star?’ "

Amadeus Cho is the Asian-American Hulk, the latest in a series that stretches back to Dr. Bruce Banner.

"It’s kind of about Amadeus being used to being the best at whatever he does ... and thinks he can handle anything," Pak revealed to amNY’s Scott A. Rosenberg. "And Jeremy, as a great basketball player and point guard, knows a little something about teamwork, and so they’ve got kind of an interesting conflict and room for people to learn something along the way."

Lin, of course, was flattered by his inclusion and the art.

"They had me with Hulk’s hair. We’re kindred spirits," Lin said. "It is an honor and a cool opportunity to become part of the Amadeus Cho, ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ storyline. Additionally, I think it’s great that Marvel is making real efforts to add diversity to its superheroes and their origin stories."

The comic will drop in December, when hopefully Lin is dropping dimes (or something like that) a Barclays Center,