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Will Mikhail Prokhorov be around more?

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Mikhail Prokhorov on Gulfstream 3 (Onexim) ONEXIM

Will Mikhail Prokhorov make good use of his new Airbus business jet this season, flying more frequently between Moscow and New York?

Page Six reports he will be spending a lot more time in the United States and particularly Brooklyn, citing “sources.”

One of said sources told P6 editor Richard Johnson, “Prokhorov will be more and more in New York. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t have an apartment here. He is happy at his penthouse at the Four Seasons that he always books.”

Over the course of the last six years, Prokhorov or those close to him have said he would attend up to 10 home games a year. He rarely makes more than six or seven, but he’s fully engaged when he’ seated in the ONEXIM suite at Barclays, rarely taking his eyes off the court.

Prokhorov has indeed shifted some his assets around of late, seemingly dumping Russian assets and building those under control of his Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment operation.

In Russia, three of his companies were raided in the past six months by law enforcement organs. Even before the raaids, the oligarch had been dumping commodities, selling his 21.75 percent stake in Uralki, the world’s biggest potash mining company, and looking for someone to buy his 17 percent stake in RUSAL, the world’s largest aluminum company. Like he did just before purchasing the Nets, Prokhorov is accumulating cash and no doubt investing a lot of it in Brooklyn.

Last December, he bought 85 percent of the Nassau Coliseum lease from Bruce Ratner and is expected to buy full control when the $200 million renovation is complete. In January, he became sole stockholder in both the Nets and Barclays Center.

But don’t expect Prokhorov, who ran against Vladimir Putin for Russian president, to move to New York. He is Russian, period.

“He continues to have a strong business presence in Russia across multiple industries, including banking, insurance, media and real estate. He is a full-time resident of Russia,” a spokesman told the Post.

As for his involvement with the Nets, Ian Eagle reported over the weekend that Prokhorov is happy to let Sean Marks run the operation.

"Ownership is at a point where they are handing you the keys to the car and they're going to tell you, 'we're not going to meddle, of course, we're gonna have an opinion, but we're going to let you do this the way you see fit. We're going to let you build this organization.'"