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Beau Beech: “It’s tough to cut someone who shoots 45 - 50 percent”

Beau Beech signs Brooklyn Nets

Beau Beech is, in effect, the Nets 18th man (on a 15-man roster). The $45,000 guarantee he got is less than half what Yogi Ferrell and Egidijus Mockevicius received. So he’ll have a hard time making the team, but he knows what he has to do: shoot.

“They expect me to make shots,” Beech told Tim Legler and Joel Meyers on SiriusXM NBA Monday. “I expect to make shots. “

He added, “It’s tough to cut someone who shoots 45 - 50 percent.”

Beech, a 6’9” shooting guard out of North Florida, went undrafted, but played well at the Portsmouth Invitational back in April and got himself an invite to the Nets summer league team. He shot well some days in Las Vegas, dreadful on others.

But he admits those bad games don’t affect his confidence. “I have confidence in my game whether I'm talking one shot or 100.”

Beech, whose best game, a 31-point effort, came against Ben Simmons and LSU last season, thinks he’s better suited for the pro game than college. He has the shooting skills to be an NBA stretch 4 and his shooting guard play at North Florida will help him ... as will his college system.

North Florida, he said, led the NCAA in three pointers and during practices, his coach, Matt Driscoll, would run plays against an 18-second clock. “We played fast.”

As he looks ahead to Nets training camp, Beech said his influences at the NBA level are Chandler Parsons, Klay Thompson, Kyle Korver and Doug McDermott. “I’m trying to get a little concept and mold it into my own,” he said, lest anyone think he was comparing himself to any of the four.

Beech said he’s been at camp already this month and got a nice compliment from Sean Marks, who he called “Mr.Marks” on the air. After a particularly good practice, he said the Nets GM told him to “keep shooting that thing.”

He’s still waiting to see what his accommodations will be in Brooklyn (and whether he’ll be playing for the big club or the Long Island Nets. So in the meantime, he’ll be staying with Nets assistant video coordinator Brett Levy, who he described as a “great guy.”

“I’m sleeping on his couch, taking the Jeremy Lin route,” said Beech, referring to Lin’s famous stay with teammate Landry Fields’ couch.