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Caris LeVert gets a tour and a taste of Brooklyn

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Nick Laham/Getty Images

Like we said Tuesday, it's Caris LeVert Week on the Internet (with a little touch of Isaiah Whitehead). took the Nets top pick on a tour of Brooklyn this week, hoping to give the new resident of downtown a taste of the city he'll call home.  So far, Complex reports, he can move anonymously, or as anonymously as a 6'7" 22-year-old can move.

It was a well rounded tour, stopping at the Brooklyn Museum (to see an exhibit of sports photography), Kith Brooklyn, the sportswear store; L&B Spumoni Gardens, home of carbohydrates; and Luna Park, Coney Island, where he was warned by Brooklyn-born teammate (and budding friend) Isaiah Whitehead "Always stay conscious of your surroundings,

It was a test of both how much Brooklyn knows LeVert and how much LeVert knows Brooklyn. So far, it's about even. Neither seemed much aware of the other.  Not so much that when the opportunity arose, the two didn't find mutual ground, a picture here, an autograph there.  Like an increasing number of Nets players and staff --encouraged by their coach. LeVert is moving into the borough, finally departing the Dazzler Hotel at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge for an apartment downtown, not far from the HSS Training Center.

A small town boy (Pickerington, Ohio, pop. 19,000), likes a lot of what he's seen (and tasted) about his new home.

"Brooklyn already feels like home," he says. "It's been the setting of every meaningful moment in my professional career so far. I was drafted in the same building I’m going to be playing in. Brooklyn just feels like a natural fit. It means a lot to be able to get past the surface of the borough and really explore the heart of it."

He does admit he was surprised the Nets picked him. "Of all the teams that were in position to select LeVert, he estimates he talked to the Nets the least. "I didn’t know how interested they were until they picked me," he tells Complex.   He does now.

Meanwhile, Bleacher Report forecasts LeVert, the 20th pick, as a second team all-Rookie selection, noting that he will get minutes.

LeVert can log minutes at shooting guard, small forward and point guard if Brooklyn's in a pinch. Getting touches should be equally easy. LeVert is at his best as a scorer, and the Nets offense isn't bogged down by an excess of chuckers. As the team's second-best playmaker, behind Jeremy Lin, he'll have the ball often,