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BBallBreakdown: Bogdanovic keys Croatia's upset over Spain

Bojan Bogdanovic and Croatia face Luis Scola and Argentina at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday. Reed Wallach reviews BBall Breakdown's video review of Croatia's big game Sunday vs. Spain.

Elsa/Getty Images

Coach Nick, who does fantastic film work over at, analyzed Sunday's Olympic upset with Croatia taking down Spain 72-70. Croatia, who narrowly qualified for the Olympic games, took down Silver medal contender Spain in shocking fashion, rallying from down double digits.

Bogdanovic—as our own Anthony Puccio alluded to a few days ago—is a different player when playing for his national team. The forward shows a lot more confidence as the lead man and has no problem taking the tough shots. As Coach Nick said in his post after Bogdanovic contested a pick-and-roll jumper, "This is an excellent contest by Pau [Gasol], but sheesh that's a tough shot." Bogdanovic pulled up with the seven-footer in his face and his the 18-foot jumper with ease.

Brooklyn's Croatian had a team-high 23 points on 8-of-15 shooting.

Bogdanovic has shown great basic skills with the ball in his hands so far in Rio such as a confident jab step or a quick first step, keys for an emerging shooter in the NBA. Bogdanovic has the ability to get scorching hot from the floor which we all saw when he dropped 44 on the 76ers last March, but he hasn't been consistent throughout a full season in the league.

Bogdanovic has been a capable three-point shooter and a solid finisher at the rim for a perimeter threat, but it has been his mediocre mid-range game that has cost him some more points in the box score. Bogdanovic's willingness to play inside the arc has been on display in Rio as he shot 5-of-7 from inside the three-point line Sunday. In order to take a step forward in his development, he is going to need to add that part of his game to his arsenal.

Now, the second longest tenured Net, Bogdanovic may be able to use these Olympics as a platform for a breakout season in Brooklyn.