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Brook Lopez again attacks Nets previous culture

Brooklyn Nets

For the second time in a week, Brook Lopez has attacked the lackadaisical and complacent team culture that came before Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson ... and in an interview the the team's own website.

He told Cory Wright...

"No more being late, be on time in the training room getting your treatment, getting your weights in; be on the court at the same time. It’s a much more togetherness, much more camaraderie. We hold each other accountable and we have high expectations of each other."

Just last week, Lopez told Fred Kerber much the same thing... "

"We’re together and we’re doing it. Before, we’d have guys coming in, wouldn’t really get their treatment [or] their mobilization. And they weren’t necessarily on time. It’s the way it should be now."

The interviews were conducted on the same day but published several days apart.

The indictment of the previous management came without names, but the Nets have added 10 new players and 20 new staffers this summer after dumping Lionel Hollins and Billy King in mid-season. In the interview with Wright, Lopez also praised what Marks and Atkinson have done.

"It’s so easy to be a part of something like that," Lopez said of the up-tempo summer workouts. "You wake up and you want to be doing it when you see your best players, vets and head coach out there working with you, getting shots up, moving around, running, it’s absolutely addictive situation to be in."

"We’ve routinely had people in since two weeks after the season getting work in, preparing for this upcoming season," Lopez said. "We don’t have all of the advantages other guys do, other teams have, so we’re creating those advantages."

Lopez also had high praise for his new pick-and-roll partner, Jeremy Lin, again noting the importance of character.

"I’ve watched him along his career and really tremendously enjoyed the way he plays," Lopez said. "He has such a high basketball IQ and he’s one of those character guys that we’re looking for to be a part of this team and help lead this team, especially this group of young guys."