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The Future: Brooklyn Nets Rookies Flash the Black and White in Photo Shoot

Brooklyn Nets

It's August and there isn't much going on in the Nets world besides a couple players in Rio competing in the Olympics, and others back in Brooklyn working out and/or showing off their new colors in the rookie photo shoot.

The rookies, Caris LeVert and Isaiah Whitehead both got to rep the Brooklyn jersey for the first time on camera.

On the Brooklyn Nets twitter account, they're labeled "The Future".

The full photo shoot has not been posted yet, but you can find more of Caris LeVert and other Brooklyn Nets albums here.

And on ESPN, Ian Begley caught up with Caris LeVert at the shoot.  He talked about New York sticker shock, starting with taxes.

"I got my first advance from the team the other day, living in New York is pretty expensive, and they took out like 60 percent, so I wanted to cry after that. That was probably the biggest surprise."

But he likes the idea of being on a basketball card

"When I was a kid I used to collect [trading cards], so that’s a huge deal for me. Hopefully some kid is collecting mine."