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Randy Foye: Sean Marks sold me on the Brooklyn Nets culture

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

There's that word again...

Randy Foye says he could probably have waited and got a better deal , but he tells Stefan Bondy that he liked what he heard around the Nets new culture from Sean Marks.

"It was other options where I could’ve signed. Was tempted to wait a little longer (before signing a one-year, $2.5 million deal with the Nets), but just from talking to Sean and just from coming from an organization like OKC, just the vision, just everything was so positive. Not that other teams weren’t. But it was just so positive,

"And there was more talk about building a culture. A lot of places you go, they search and look for superstars to fill voids every year. But I think this here is more of a culture."

Foye, of course, is also coming home, to a certain extent. He grew up in Newark and recently bought one of Bruce Springsteen's homes in Rumson. N.J. But the 32-year-old liked the idea of serving a different role in Brooklyn, after playing the journeyman for so long.

"(Marks told me), ‘We need you in the leadership role.’"

The Nets also see Foye as a integral piece.  He hasn't started for two years, but he did play 16 playoff games with OKC this year and he can rise to the occasion, scoring 31 points last December in a win over Phoenix while still with Denver. He hit seven three's in that game and handed out six assists in 40 minutes.

He's hoping for the best in Brooklyn, too. He knows the team is young and new, "But like I said, if we are doing the things the right way, who knows? If we play hard, if we play the right way and give yourself a chance every night, who knows?"