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Nets put on show at legendary Rucker Park

Scott LaNeal

Rucker Park first brush with fame came in the mid-70's when Julius Erving brought his talents to the court at 155th and Frederick Douglass Boulevard. Then a New York Net, Dr. J put on a show, dunking and dazzling.

This week, a couple of Nets and recent former Net did a bit of the same at the playground, just showing off. Here are a few videos gathered by Elite Sports New York, a couple of which defy the conventional wisdom that Nets rookie Isaiah Whitehead isn't that athletic.

Whitehead's fellow 21-year-old Chris McCullough showed a bit of what he can do as well, although there were reports he failed to throw down a between the legs dunk.

But the big dunk of the week, perhaps was thrown down by Markel Brown, who the Nets dumped in a cap-clearing move.

No word yet on where Brown will be playing this season.