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Nets Olympic heritage continues tonight in Rio de Janiero

Info Luis Scola

The Nets will continue their Olympic heritage this week in Rio, a heritage that includes a Hall of Famer, Drazen Petrovic, and now, Bojan Bogdanovic and Luis Scola.

The heritage includes only those players who played in Olympic basketball competition while a member of the Nets. Only one Net ever won a gold medal while playing for the team: Deron Williams in 2012.  Drazen Petrovic won a silver in 1992 while playing in New Jersey and Richard Jefferson won a bronze in 2004.

Two other Nets won golds before joining the team: Jason Kidd won golds both before (2000) and after (2008) his time in New Jersey, and Scola, who won in 2004. (Another Net, Jeff Turner, won gold in 1984 after being drafted by New Jersey, signing after the Olympics. )

Of the seven Nets with Olympic pedigree, Williams and Jefferson played for Team USA; Petrovic and Bogdanovic  for Croatia; Yi Jianlian for China, Nenad Krstic for Serbia and Montenegro and Scola for Argentina.

Scola, of course, will have a unique distinction. at 7:30 Rio, shortly after the Parade of Nations begins, Scola will proudly carry the blue and white flag of Argentina into the Olympic Stadium.  Games begin Sunday night when Bogdanovic and Croatia play Spain at 6 p.m., followed by Argentina vs. Nigeria at 9:30.

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