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Kevin O'Connor: Caris LeVert could be the "steal of the draft" ... if healthy

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Word is that Caris LeVert is doing well in the rehab and daily grind at the HSS Training Center, which is great news for the Nets, who did after call give up Thaddeus Young to get him (and a future second rounder).

In fact, writes Kevin O'Connor of Bill Simmons' "The Ringer," the 6'7" swingman "could be the steal of the draft." IF he can stay healthy. That is a pretty big "IF" if you look at his recent injury history ... three foot surgeries while at Michigan. But O'Connor, who formerly ran SB Nation's Celtics Blog, thinks the last surgery, by Nets foot and ankle specialist Dr. Martin O'Malley, could be different.

All indications are LeVert’s foot will heal perfectly fine, but there is a chance for reinjury because of the biomechanics of how his foot strikes the ground. As human-movement science gains prominence in sports, LeVert could be trained to change how his foot lands, similar to the adjustments Myles Turner made to his gait.

There's no indication that's what has happened, but LeVert has said he has great faith in O'Malley, noting how Kevin Durant, another patient, told him, "Once Doc finishes with you, you'll be like brand new."

O'Connor, in fact, raves about LeVert's skillset, "Across the board, "LeVert doesn’t have many notable weaknesses other than his thin frame … and that left foot."  He compares LeVert's all around game to those of other position-less players like Wesley Matthews and (gulp) Klay Thompson.

O'Connor also threw in highlights of a Michigan game where LeVert played a lot of point...

In general,  O'Connor likened Sean Marks situation with the draft-bereft Nets to that of Batman in the "Dark Knight Rises,"

"I do fear death. I fear dying in here while my city burns, and there’s no one there to save it," he has Marks saying as he accepts the responsibility of saving Brooklyn.

Okay, then.

Meanwhile, Daniel O'Brien of Today's Fastbreakl says much the same thing (It must be Caris LeVert Day on the internet).

The Nets have other exciting young assets in Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Chris McCullough, but a healthy LeVert could be the most potent one of the bunch. He’s already equipped with diverse skills and could grow into a multi-positional weapon.

One downside for LeVert: He didn't get any votes in any category in the annual NBA Rookie Survey, BUT Isaiah Whitehead finished tied for third (with five other rookies) in the "steal of the draft category."