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Jeremy Lin heads to Brooklyn, after dropping music video

Jeremy Lin is packing up before heading to Brooklyn. We know because like so much of Lin's life, it's online.

Lin has been dealing with community and commercial issues the last few weeks, the final one an appearance in a music video fronted by Jay Chou, Taiwan's version of Justin Timberlake. He was also "Kato" in the Seth Rogen version of "The Green Hornet." Lin shows up in various scenes ... and needs no introduction. What's it about? Something to do with ice cream, we think.

As CBS Sports notes...

Despite Linsanity happening years ago, Jeremy Lin is still one of the most popular NBA players internationally. Lin is also quite proud of his Taiwanese and Chinese heritage and often goes to various countries in Asia during the summer to directly engage with his fans.

NBC thinks we'll see Chou at Nets games. Could get crowded down there.