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Greivis Vasquez: Nets a "great, great, great work atmosphere"

Brooklyn Nets

Greivis Vasquez has bought into Brooklyn.

In interviews with SiriusXM and Testudo Times, the SBNation fansite for his alma mater, the University of Maryland, the Nets back-up point guard, talked about how after 18 months of ankle woes, he's "a few weeks away" and offered optimistic assessments of the team.

But more importantly, Vasquez spoke about what it's like coming to work every day at the HSS Training Center.

"I'm excited by this opportunity," he told SiriusXM's NBA crew. "This is a great market, a great, great, great work atmosphere. They changed things around here. Great practice facility ... to me the best in the league. What a view.

"Sean (Marks), our GM, is doing a great job. He put a great coaching staff together. a great medical team. performance team. We got everything. we just have to worry about basketball just play basketball."

Vasquez also spoke about how all that could translate for him and the Nets.

"I think this year is going to be a career year.   I feel people count us out because we don't have a super superstar. That's even better for us," he told Jeff Rikard and Antonio Daniels of "Above the Rim." "We can be under the radar. We just have to be on the same page, work hard. We're building a foundation.

He was also enthused about his teammates' work ethic.

"Almost the whole team has been here for more than three weeks, almost the whole month and the previous month. So we working. This is a humble opportunity for everybody, from the head coach to the equipment guy. So we are a family. We're building a foundation and we're very, very excited about next season. We're not going to take anything for granted."

The Nets have taken advantage of his enthusiasm, having him record a Spanish language promo this week.

.... and an English language one the week before...

As for his health, which forced a late scratch for the Olympics, the Venezuelan native was again optimistic.

"I'm planning to be 100 percent healthy...getting there ...just finished my workout.. I'm getting healthier here," he told SiriusXM.

In talking with Testudo Times, he praised the Nets for getting him to this point.  When he dropped out of the Olympics, he told Venezuelan fans he's been troubled by ankle pain for 18 months.  His season with the Bucks last year was cut short in December when he underwent surgery for ankle spurs, performed by the Nets foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Martin O'Malley.

"I feel much better. I feel healthier. I’m like a few weeks away, so I’m really happy with the fact that I’m in Brooklyn," he told Alex Kirshner. "I thank God for giving me this opportunity with Brooklyn, because they’ve got a great medical staff, great performance team, great coaching staff. So I’m gonna be able to manage and be able to be healthy and play to the highest level."

Bottom line: "The main thing is just to be back healthy so I can be myself and go out there and compete and help my team win games. It’s gonna be exciting. It’s gonna be fun, and we’re looking forward to the season."

Vasquez will be back in Maryland Saturday, hosting a backpack and school supply drive It’s also geared as a family fun day, with face-painting and the like as part of the festivities.

It’s scheduled for 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the College Park Community Center, and Vasquez expects a turnout of something like 300 to 600 kids. It’s his third year holding the event. It’s a partnership between Vasquez’s foundation and corporate sponsors.