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In China, Brett Yormark says Nets "not looking to replicate Linsanity" ... but will market Lin

Brett Yormark, speaking with TenCent QQ Sports in Beijing, called Jeremy Lin "the prize of our free agency this past summer" but said the Nets are "not looking to replicate Linsanity" but want the excitement of his return to New York to "happen organically."

Yormark also hinted that the Nets could once again travel to China next fall for preseason.

On Linsanity, Yormark shied away from the phenomenon that made Lin famous four years ago...

"We're not looking to replicating Linsanity. I think what you have to do based on his arrival in Brooklyn, let whatever's going to happen, happen organically. We'll let the fans dictate that. Jeremy came here because he's going to be a starter for the Brooklyn Nets. He's focused on helping us create a new culture and the next chapter in the Brooklyn Nets history. And I think that's what we're focused on. We're not necessarily focused on Linsanity or anything like that."

That doesn't mean he won't market Lin in New York, with its large Chinese and Chinese-American community...

"I think he gives us an opportunity to tap into a new fan base. Obviously, the Chinese-Americans throughout the tri-state area -- there's over a million of Chinese Americans that reside [there] --.many of which reside in Brooklyn. I think over 200,000. So to the extent that he can afford us the opportunity to connect to a new fan base, we'll take advantage of that. And I think it will be great to bring a new fan base into the the Barclays Center this up coming season."

Yormark also said Lin's connection with Kenny Atkinson and his desire to start drove the signing...

"The prize of our free agency this past summer was Jeremy Lin...

"Our new coach, Kenny Atkinson, has a history with Jeremy. They were on the Knicks together. But when we were looking at what we needed to fill during the off-season, the point guard position was obviously the first initiative for us. And they felt that Jeremy would be the right player for the Brooklyn Nets. And thankfully,we were able to get him in free agency and I look forward to many great years with Jeremy wearing a Brooklyn Nets uniform."

"We're very excited about what has gone on with the team over the last two months and we're hoping to build a great foundation for the future."

And as he often does in these interviews, Yormark dropped some news...

"Hopefully, we'll return here in the fall of 2017 with the NBA to play here in China. Hopefully, we'll continue to fuel the excitement for our team here in China and be considered maybe behind Houston the second home team of the fans here in China."

The Nets CEO, who has made six trips to China, said the Nets have a leg up on the Chinese market because of Yi Jianlian's time in New Jersey.

"Yi opened up the door in China for us. We hadn't been to the marketplace before his arrival."