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Nets officially branding "BrookLin" and "Brook-Linsanity"

Nets Store

They're sort of buried on the Nets Store website.  Under men, short-sleeve tops, not on the front page of the store or team sites, but below "Los Nets" and the "MilkCrate" logo, are these two creations...

Brook-Lin t-shirt

Jeremy Lin isn't wearing braids in this t-shirt, but it's early.


So any doubt that the Nets were going to market the obvious "Brook Lin" connection have been erased.  They go for $26 each, and can be ordered online or at the Nets Store at Barclays Center.  (Don't know about the Coney Island store).

Can we expect more LinSanity at the cash register?  You bet.

Not everyone is happy with Brook-Linsanity.  Nathan Gottlieb says that Linsanity is over.