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Jeremy Lin: Working on my jump shot is job one this summer

Brooklyn Nets

In a post on his official website, Jeremy Lin told his fans that his training emphasis this off-season will be shooting, shooting and more shooting.

"So this summer, my number 1 priority by far is my jump shot. Working on all types of jump shots: catch-and-shoot 3's, off-the-dribble 3's, mid-range jumpers, iso jumpers. I've always had a knack for attacking the rim, finishing or getting to the free throw line, but if I am able to really consistently hit shots from the outside, it would take my game to a whole new level."

Lin even revealed that it's not just about practice, practice, practice.  It's a change in form, a forward-looking change, that he wants to perfect.

"I've changed my form, brought my release lower and made the motion smoother in hopes of making it more consistent, creating a quicker release and using less energy so on nights when I'm tired I can still shoot it well. I've also been working on my floaters and change of pace game because as I get older, I will rely less and less on my athleticism."

As Mike Mazzeo points out, he could use the help.

2015-16 34.3 percent (171-for-499)
2014-15 34.9 percent (160-for-458)
2013-14 35.7 percent (157-for-440)
2012-13 34.3 percent (193-for-562)
2011-12 40.2 percent (99-for-246)
2010-11 25.6 percent (10-for-39)

Not great numbers, Mazzeo writes, particularly for a starter. He does the career math:  "Over the past four regular seasons, according to stats compiled by, Lin has made just 34.8 percent of his jumpers (681 of 1,959)."

According to other reports, Lin has been working out in California with two shooting coaches this summer, one his long-time mentor, Doc Scheppler, the other, former former Nets shooting coach, David Nurse.  Scheppler spoke last year about Lin and shooting, among other things.