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Nets trying to blend "foundational players" and "character guys"

Brooklyn Nets

Ian Levy is a Senior NBA Editor for FanSided and the Editor-in-Chief for the Hardwood Paroxysm Basketball Network. Over the past few days, he gathered a group of NBA writers to discuss what the Nets off-season has wrought.  We hesitate to call them "pundits," because that's pejorative and our own Tom Lorenzo was one of them.

The group is in basic agreement that what Sean Marks did constituted a dose of bitter pills, but it was needed.  Levy posed three "big" questions:

How important is it to have a veteran core — Jeremy Lin, Luis Scola, Greivis Vasquez, etc. — to help develop the younger talent?

Bryan Toporek who contributes to various sites likes the idea. "As the Philadelphia 76ers learned the hard way last season, some modicum of veteran talent is invaluable during a full-scale rebuild. That’s especially true at the point guard spot, as turning your team over to a rookie floor general rarely goes smoothly. Having Jeremy Lin, Greivis Vasquez and Randy Foye in the fold will reduce the immediate pressure on Sean Kilpatrick and rookies Caris LeVert and Isaiah Whitehead,"

Anthony Bennett will be _____ this season.

Tom Lorenzo thinks Bennett presents no risk for the Nets. "House money ... Bennett is much more low-risk than Johnson and Crabbe were, but as a team with no immediate future and little lightning in their bottle, Bennett allows them to try and shoot for the stars and hope that he works out. If he does, great, they’ll have a serviceable power forward at just over $1 million (which, in this new NBA is essentially free money). If not, they move on."

How are you feeling about the Caris LeVert pick?

Jay Siskin of Nothin' But Nets talked about the risk and reward. "This might have been a bit of a reach on LeVert, according to fans. But last season he was projected as a potential lottery pick, but his injuries impeded from being a top prospect. If LeVert can stay healthy, the duo of him and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson can turn into a nice pair."

Levy also writes about Rondae Hollis Jefferson's potential as a defender...

"Hollis-Jefferson played only 615 minutes last season so we’re dealing with a fairly small sample. However, his numbers compare favorably with the rookie seasons of players like Paul Pressey, Tony Allen, Ron Harper, and Eddie Jones, all of whom went on to become terrific perimeter defenders.

"The Brooklyn Nets are looking for foundational pieces right now. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and his defense sure look like a big one."

That's something Toporek expanded on Wednesday.

For Nets fans who have been pummeled with bad news from ESPN and CBS Sports, the analysis is welcome.