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Caris LeVert: "I have a pretty complete game"

Doug Bearak

We don't know the specifics of Caris LeVert's rehab, other than Sean Marks saying last week that he's been "tremendous" in doing what's been asked of him. At last week's press conference, LeVert said he had just started running on the treadmill and both he and the Nets staff expect (and hope) he'll be ready for the start of training camp in two months.

LeVert underwent foot surgery in March, graduated from Michigan on crutches in May and famously asked NBA GMs to take a chance on him in June. It was his third foot surgery, but the first by Nets foot and ankle specialist Dr. Martin O'Malley.

As Laura Amato of Brooklyn Daily writes, "he is determined to make Brooklyn’s gamble pay off."  And a gamble it was. The Nets traded Thaddeus Young for the 20th pick ... and a net increase of $12.6 million in cap space ... on Draft Day.  Making the gamble bigger was that no mock draft had him in the first round and DraftExpress had him way down at No. 50.  Suffice it to say the Nets really wanted him.

"Obviously, the injuries were the biggest concern, but I have a pretty complete game," the 6'7" LeVert said. "I’m working on getting stronger right now. I’m working on some of the more detailed parts of my game, but I think it’s a complete game."

Marks says the Nets will not rush him.

"We’re obviously going to take it slow with him, we have to take it slow with anybody. They’re never going to be rushed back in. we’re planning on a future with him, so it’s going to be important that he takes his time as he gets back into it. But he’s been tremendous with doing everything we’ve asked him to do."

The Nets in fact had him at No. 11 in their internal mock draft. It was an evaluation that put aside his injury risk and focused just on his skills and character.  They see him as someone who can play the 1, 2 or 3 and point to his senior year stats before he went down: 16.5 points on 55/45/80 shooting and five assists and rebounds per game.

LeVert agrees that things may go slow at first. "Rome wasn’t built in a day. We know it’s going to take some time and I’m here for the long haul," LeVert said. "I’m glad they took a chance on me. I’m all invested and I’m all in."

And unlike pundits, he likes what he sees when he takes a look at the roster.

"I think it’s definitely a good look," LeVert said. "They have a great mix of young guys and veteran guys. There are guys that I can learn from and guys that I can grow with. So I’m definitely looking forward to it."