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Anthony Bennett likes Nets' organization "brand new vibe"

In an short YouTube video produced by a Toronto filmmaker, Anthony Bennett said his early impression of his teammates is that they "stick together. Everyone seems unselfish."

The 23-year-old said he likes the "brand new vibe" from "pretty much everyone in the [Nets] organization."

The former overall No. 1 pick added that "for the most part, [I'm] going in here with an open mind, no pressure. just going out there and playing."

As for his expectations for his own performance, Bennett said, "As for myself, [I want] to be the best player on the court all the time."

The YouTube video also showed Bennett at the Nets introductory press conference July 20, spoke to his mother, Edith, and followed Bennett on a tour of Brooklyn apartments.

His mom, who accompanied Bennett to the press conference said of her son's journey --now on his fourth team in four years, "We don't give up. We don't stay down, have to get up.