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Yogi Ferrell on making the Nets: "you have to have a basketball IQ"

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Yogi Ferrell realizes making the Nets final, 12-man roster won't be easy. While he has a $100,000 guarantee, the Nets have 15 players with full guarantees ... and five of them can play point guard: Jeremy Lin, Greivis Vasquez, Randy Foye, Caris LeVert and Isaiah Whitehead.

But he sees a route to success, he told reporters at his basketball camp in Bloomington, Indiana, this weekend.

"You just have to have some intangibles," he says. "With the Nets, you have to have a basketball IQ. I feel like that’s what they look for in their organization, going out there and having a great feel for the game."

He says he's not intimidated by the process.

"It will be fun playing against guys that have been there multiple years, veteran guys," Ferrell says. "I still have to prove myself, but I can still learn from them."

Indeed, he notes, he had better offers, but says his agent, Keith Kreiter, has a "great relationship" with Sean Marks and he believes "

"It’s time to prove myself," he says. "I can only do that through my work and confidence and just doing what I can do."