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Jeremy Lin back at it again with the snapchats!

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Lin is becoming a must-follow on snapchat. On Thursday, he posted a video of himself signing his contract and celebrating with FLAMIN' Hot Cheetos. Big stuff.

The latest of Lin's snapchat includes him supporting the young Nets at the Las Vegas Summer League (via Lin diehard @_bk_chino on twitter.

Good to see Lin taking leadership. He's one of the few Nets on the roster that aren't actually playing in summer league. He also couldn't refrain from messing with Coach and longtime mentor, Kenny Atkinson.

The 27-year-old feels "hella old", though.

We suggest you follow him @JLinsta7 on Snapchat. And while doing that, follow us on snap, too, @NetsDaily!