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Jeremy Lin speaks to the media at Las Vegas Summer League

Brooklyn Nets

Jeremy Lin may not be playing in the Las Vegas Summer League, but he did take the trip to support his team. As Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson have mentioned several times before, the Nets want character guys.

The Nets new point guard also didn't back off on what he sees as his biggest role, telling reporters, "I have to lead."

Lin spoke to reporters for the first time since signing with the Nets, Saturday during Brooklyn's first summer league game. One theme: how his relationship with Atkinson helped him decide where he wanted to play. No surprise there.

The big takeaway, however, comes from this next quote on how Lin isn't shying away from the leadership role.

Brook Lopez needs somebody that can take some pressure off him on AND off the court, especially in the New York market. Not to mention, Atkinson needs a guy like Lin to take the keys and morph into some sort of captain's role.

It's also refreshing to hear Lin expressing  humility and gratitude.

Lin also recorded a Vine for Nets fans...

We like what we're hearing so far, especially when having a coach like Atkinson who stresses the importance of a point guard.