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As Brooklyn Nets wait on Allen Crabbe, Tyler Johnson, some new cap calculations

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets go into the weekend wondering what their roster will look like Monday, some new information emerged on how much cap space the team is likely to have for whatever final deals they may want to make.

Capologists pointed out Friday that the Nets will likely sign reserve big Justin Hamilton with the NBA's room exception of $2.9 million rather than out of cap space. That means that even if the Nets wake up Monday morning with Allen Crabbe and Tyler Johnson on their roster, they'll still have $6.5 million to play with.  Right now, one would assume that money is earmarked for a big.

Here's the data of where the Nets will stand, depending on whether Miami and Portland match.

Of course, as the list of quality players dwindles daily, a big pot of cap space isn't as valuable as it was at the beginning of free agency.

As to the matching deadlines, it appears Miami has until midnight Sunday morning and Portland until Sunday evening.

How'd the Nets get there?  By cleaning out their cap closet, so to speak, to maximize what they have. That means rescinding Markel Brown's qualifying offer and renouncing the rights on a number of former players ... as well as likely using the room exception on Hamilton.

That kind of cap housecleaning would suggest as well that the team wants to have as much flexibility for the remainder of free agency.  Beyond the $6.54 million left in cap space, the Nets can use the rookie and vets minimums to fill out the roster.  That would put them a bit over the cap but nowhere near the luxury tax threshold.

Other cap information emerged as well on Friday, some of it related to other issues Portland would face if it matches on Crabbe.   As NBA Cap Analyst noted...

Specifically, Crabbe's deal would pay him, no matter where he winds up, $!8.5 million in each of the first two years, then $19.33 million in 2018-19 and $18.5 million again in 2019-20, when Crabbe would have a player option.  The Nets would pay Johnson $5.6 million this season; $5.9 million in 2017-18; then $18.9 million and $19.6 million.  But for cap purposes, the hit would only be $12.5 million annually.